Mystery Shopping Detailed

While many car brands measure Customer Satisfaction after customers have purchased their cars, most do not measure their prospects’ experience while they came to contact with their dealerships. They end up measuring only the customers they already acquired but not the additional potential customers they could have had.

Mystery Shopping is an inexpensive way to find out how your customers and your prospective customers experience your dealerships.  Our mystery shopping experts are well experience to provide a 360 degree view of your dealership performance at that point of time.  This includes your product offering, sales process being used, physical evidences of dealer operation, price negotiation techniques, dealership promotions, dealer standards being applied and other improvement areas.

With this information we will show you how you can convert more prospects into customers by implementing simple changes.

We offer you a full program to bring your dealership where you want it to be, including mystery shopping, management and marketing consulting, automotive Retail Consulting, sales training and coaching, CRM solutions and Digital Marketing Solutions.

Please contact us at for your free consultation and see how we can give your dealerships the edge over your competitors.

This awesome service brings full interest information for your purpose

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