Our automotive retail consulting service is about how to manage a dealership so that you reach your goals. We work together with your management team and find a way to increase the quality of your company step by step.
We offer flexible, robust and cost-effective solution. Our CRM and DMS systems are well-equipped to be more responsive to the actual needs and requirements of auto industry.
Your sales team will be trained and provided with the tools and techniques to take your team to the next level. They will also be shown the dynamics of sales team dynamics. How they can sell more cars at higher price.
marketing solution
The Digital Marketing can be crucial, so it is important to awaken the interest of potential customers. The digital marketing is important to draw attention to potential customers to you and your company, and give them a first impression of your services and products.
DealersEDGE will conduct Mystery Shopping on your dealerships including dealers in Hanoi and dealers in HCMC
Today’s car buyers are interacting with brands across multiple channels and devices. They have more expectations than any other buyer generation before them. Modern buyers want personalized, one-on-one conversations with brands at the right place and at the right time.